About Us

Though I’m in “ The Juicing Family” I do not make juice shakes.

Having been raised in Europe, I was immersed in a nutritionally sound, highly active life-style. What I create is a complete nutritional system which uses the whole fruit and whole vegetable.

Additionally, and this sets me apart, my system includes protein.  Traditional “juices” cannot stand alone as a complete nutrition system.  You could, however, live consumimg only my system for the rest of your life.  Green salads are taken to the next level! Meals ‘to go’ are complete, balanced, satisfying and with the guarantee of No Carb Crash.

My meals are seasoned to perfection and provide beautiful colors that a meal should have.  Healthy does not mean boring anymore!

In addition to these nutrient dense juices, and spectacular meals, I am just a text or a call away for every step of the way. And rest assured, I am fully insured and licensed so you can expect the absolute best!